Friday, June 4, 2010


When all else fails, I cook. Some people go out after a god-awful day and slam a tennis ball around, or jog their joints to pieces on a fitness course. I had a friend in Coral Gables who would escape to a beach with her folding chair and burn off her stress with sun and a slightly pornographic romance she wouldn’t have been caught dead reading in her professional world—she was a district court judge. Many of the cops I know wash away their fears with a bear at the FOP lounge.

I’ve never been particularly athletic and there wasn’t a decent beach within reasonable driving distance. Getting drunk never solved anything. Cooking was an indulgence I didn’t have time for most days, and though Italian cuisine isn’t my only love, it has always been what I do best.
Patricia Cornwell, or maybe Patricia Cornwell as Kay Scarpetta
Food to Die For

You can't read Patricia Cornwell without getting hungry--even with death, murder, and mayhem. Kay relaxes with cooking and she always has a well-stocked larder. It's such fun to have a compilation of the recipes. And, each chapter quotes from the particular book and context where the recipe occurs.

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