Thursday, June 24, 2010


I AM ABOUT TO BUY A HOUSE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, I wrote as I began my memoir Under the Tuscan Sun. A simple, declarative sentence--but for me crux and crucible. From such easy words, fate branches and transforms. Bramasole, an abandoned country house beneath the Etruscan city wall of Cortona, became home. And more than home--bull's eye, heart's needle, center of my private universe.

At the moment I turned the heavy iron key in the door and stepped into my Italian life I could not have pictured myself here, two decades later, could not have foreseen the pleasure, the complexity, hassle, frustration, joy, or my intense love for Bramasole, a place in time that took over my life.
Every Day in Tuscany
Frances Mayes

Listening to the unabridged audio version of this book made our drive from Omaha seem a short one. CA and I are loving every word, friend, meal, event depicted. We've only barely been in Italy, but Frances Mayes is truly Italy's finest ambassador. We'll visit Italy and especially Tuscany soon.

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