Monday, July 2, 2012


The ice cream was a plausible explanation. They'd had too much to drink, most of the food in the dining room was gone, they didn't want any more ham. No one wanted anymore ham. Everywhere everyone went, there were ham sandwiches. In bakeries and butchers, supermarkets and cafes. At the kiosks in malls, in the vending machines in offices, under glass domes on the counters at gyms, on airplanes. God-damned ham sandwiches, everywhere.
The Expats
Chris Pavone.

Loved this rant. I made similar rants during our recent 4-weeks in France. Really. How do those Parisiene ladies stay so thin with all the pork on offer? Realistically, the slices of ham on those sandwiches are thin and few--mostly baguette. Finding a chicken sandwich was like winning the lottery.

Liked the book. It skips around a bit which CA didn't love, but I managed to follow the thread. And, the publisher employs font changes to nudge you into the right timeframe.