Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vienna Nocturne

















Vienna Nocturne

Vivien Shotwell


I've never understood nor been a fan of opera. Never really had any exposure, and used to wonder how one could "get it" when all the words were Italian, or German (as I've recently been made aware).

Then a few years back I read Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, and loved it. And, I read that Ann Patchett had learned a ton by reading Opera 101, so I downloaded the audiobook. Never listened beyond a few dozen pages, but always had inrentions.

Vienna Nocturne is another random library selection that I've loved. So much that I plan to listen to Opera 101 during my drive to Cincinnati on Wednesday. And, I want to experience opera live. Especially, The Marriage of Figaro.


UPDATE: Who knew? Lots of operas on YouTube and, Chicago Lyric Opera is doing a Mozart Opera September-October--Don Giovanni.

Isn't this a prettier book cover?!


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