Saturday, July 3, 2010


Standing on the white lady's back porch, I tell myself. Tuck it in, Minny. Tuck in whatever might fly out my mouth and tuck in my behind too. Look like a maid who does what she's told. Truth is, I'm so nervous right now, I'd never backtalk again if it meant I'd get this job.
The Help
Kathryn Stockett
p. 30

RvH passed this easy read on to me, asking for my opinion. I'm ready for an easy read after Ian Rankin and Charles Baxter. Not that those are difficult books, but this is an emotion-filled, family-duty week and I need mind-candy.

I enjoy the book and the care that Kathyrn Stockett takes with drawing me into the life of the early 1960s in Jackson, MS. Many middle class homes have help. Prejudice and segregation are the rule. A new day is dawning, slowly. Thank God.

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