Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Operative

"Blogging?You're so twenty-ten," she said as she browsed down her queue of (Twitter) updates. "He's tweeting from the convention center for his student newspaper. It's called ambient journalism."
"I see. And how's that different from reporting?"
"Anyone can do it," she said.
"So the difference is it's for amateurs."
"That's harsh."
"Not at all," Kealey said. "Where's the editor, the veteran eyes?"
"It's the public, Ryan. The process has been democratized."
"Cheapened--no offense to Colin."
"You're wrong," she said confidently. "The good journalists get repeated hits. The bad ones are relegated to Facebook. The worst ones are left to comment on what's relegated to Facebook"

The Operative
by Andrew Britton
p. 33

A definite insight into the best view of social media vs. journalism, or what passes for journalism. Just wish Twitter was actually that democratic and newsworthy. Just saying.

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