Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Life has been complex and stressful of late, so I'm ready for a light and easy read when I head to the library. Not previously familiar with Elizabeth Adler's extensive backlist, I'm pleased to discover her through this book. I'm not a huge fan of romance because most authors have dumbed-down their dialogue, characters, plot lines, etc. to an insulting level. Either that, or the Romance genre employs some really bad authors.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sailing to Capri--of course you can't beat anything that's at least partially set in the south of France.

I especially love Ms. Adler's generous use of quotes prefacing each new section. Quotable quotes that I'm capturing on my Stories I Don't Remember blog.

It's snowing, great white starry flakes that cling to my red hair like a tiara on a princess for all of a minute, before melting and running in icy drops down the back of my neck. My mother, who was a stickler for proper behavior for young ladies, would have said it was my own fault, I should have worn a hat to the funeral out of respect for the dead. Of course she was right, but since I don't possess a hat, at least not one suitable for a funeral, I'd decided to do without.
Sailing to Capri
Elizabeth Adler

I'm looking forward to reading more from Ms. Adler.

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