Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just have to interject a non-review entry...

Sometimes I don't really get the full impact of a book until I begin posting it on this blog. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the talent and abilities of an author. I don't do much creative writing on this blog--mostly I copy direct quotes from the source or author's blogs or from an NPR interview or magazine-newspaper reviewer. But, I get a real rush anyway. I love marking a definitive read. A book that has interested or inspired me to a level that I feel it's worth noting here.

Sometimes I go for months without finding a notable read. I maybe read some okay or good books, but none that inspire me to commit them to this record. Those times I feel like I've read most of the good books in the world and no one's writing any more. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and quality of the books I'm discovering.

Reading is one of the greatest of God's gifts. Reading transports, interprets, encourages, shocks, instructs, frustrates, motivates, overwhelms... I love to read. I love to share my literary finds. Even if no one reads this blog, I benefit tremendously by committing my reading experiences to a record.

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