Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Up with the bloody lark? she murmured. I don't hear the little bastard among that lot. He's still sat on the nest, sensible bird that he is.

She was on the move so early that the dawn chorus was still singing at full volume; robins, blackbirds, wrens, pigeons and even the occasional seagull, all doing their best to wake the elegant old grey city from its slumbers.

And, a very interestingly worded dinner invitations on pg. 5.

Hi Randy it began. Bob and I are finally holding that informal dinner party for four that I asked you about. You said you might manage an evening off next Thursday; 7:30 for 8, ambulances at midnight. We hope that you and Denzel will be able to join us. Nothing fancy on the table, nobody posh around it, just the four of us. Cheers, Aileen.
Quintin Jardine

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